The Metropolitan Association of College & University Biologists


(Revised 11/2/96)

Article I - Name
The name of the Association shall be The Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists. The official abbreviation shall be MACUB.
Article II - Purpose
The purpose of the Association is to stimulate dialogue among college and university biologists in the New York Metropolitan area. The Association shall serve as a forum for exchanges concerning humans and their environment, methodology, content and curriculum in the biological and health sciences, transfer and articulation problems of two and four year colleges, exchange of faculty, and in obtaining grant applications, and other topics of interest to the Association.
Article III - Membership
Regular Membership in the Association shall be open to all biologists who share the stated purpose of the Association and who are or have been affiliated with a Metropolitan area college or university

Affiliate Membership in the Association shall be open to all commercial suppliers/exhibitors who exhibit at MACUB events.

Associate Membership in the Association shall be open to all students affiliated with a Metropolitan area college or university.

Emeritus Membership in the Association shall be open to retired biologists who have been active regular MACUB members. This type of membership requires an application which must be approved by the Executive Board of MACUB. No dues will be assessed but these members will be charged for events. Emeritus members must renew their membership in writing every two (2) years.
Article IV - Officers
The Officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer. The President, Vice President, and Corresponding Secretary shall be elected in even years while the Treasurer and Recording Secretary in odd years, each to terms of two years. Normally, no person may hold the same office for more than three consecutive terms.
Article V - Executive Board
The Executive Board of the Association shall consist of the Officers of the Association, four Members elected at-large, the Conference Director for the annual MACUB conference for that year, the Editor of the Association publication, the immediate Past President, the Conference Director from the previous year, the Awards Chair, and the Archivist.
Article VI - Advisory Council
The Advisory Council of the Association should consist of one member from each Metropolitan area college or university biology department. The Vice President shall serve as chairperson of the Advisory Council.
Article VII - Affiliations
The Association is empowered to incorporate and to affiliate with other organizations at the discretion of the Executive Board. Article VIII - Bylaws The provisions of the Constitution of the Association shall be carried out in accordance with the current Bylaws of the Association.
Article IX - Amendments to the Constitution
Amendments may be initiated by individual members of the Executive Board or by a petition to the Executive Board by ten members of the Association or by any member of the Association at the annual meeting of the Association. Amendments to the Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Board, and then must be ratified in a closed ballot by two-thirds of those members of the Association voting. Association Bylaws may be amended by 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board.


(Revised 1/19/96)
Article I - Membership

The Association shall consist of Regular, Affiliate, Associate, and Emeritus Members. Applicants ligible under Article III of the Constitution must submit their applications to the Corresponding Secretary. New members will be accepted at any time upon approval of application and payment of dues. Only dues paying Regular Members shall have the right to vote, to hold office, or to make nominations.
Resignations shall be submitted to the Corresponding Secretary in writing. The resignation of the Corresponding Secretary shall be submitted to the President.

Article II - Meetings
The Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists is authorized to hold educational and scientific meetings in the New York Metropolitan area. There shall be held, at least annually, a general business meeting in connection with the annual MACUB Conference. Parliamentary procedures to be followed during the business meeting shall be those specified in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised. Fifty percent of the Regular Members present at the Business Meeting shall constitute a quorum.
Article III - Dues
All fiscal affairs of the Association shall be based on the yearly calendar (January l - December 3l). Membership dues may be established from time to time by the Executive Board, subject to approval by a majority vote of the members at the annual business meeting.

Annual dues are payable at the beginning of the fiscal year or may be prepaid at the previous year's fall conference. Members unpaid will be notified and if still unpaid will be dropped from the mailing and subscription lists on March 3lst of that calendar year. Membership may be reinstated upon payment of dues.
Article IV - Publications
The Metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists is empowered to publish or enter into agreements with others to publish such journals and other publications (abstracts, reviews, newsletters, etc.) as may be authorized by the Executive Board and/or a majority vote of the members at a subsequent annual business meeting. Scientific publications, as authorized, shall be under the management of an Editor. The Editor shall be appointed by the Executive Board for a two year term. Normally, the Editor shall not serve for more than three consecutive terms. The In Vivo is the official publication of MACUB. Additional publications may also be periodically released.
Article V - Duties of the Executive Board Members

It shall be the duty of the President to preside over the annual business meeting of the Association.

The President will serve as chairperson of the Executive Board, will appoint and charge, with the approval of the Executive Board, the chairperson and members of all committees, and will carry out other activities usually pertaining to the office.

The Vice President will establish and serve as chairperson of the Advisory Council. In the event the President is no longer able to serve, the Vice President will automatically succeed to the presidency for the remainder of the term.

The Recording Secretary of the Association shall record Board Members who are present, absent, or excused from Executive Board meetings and shall distribute the minutes of the Executive Board meetings, the annual business meeting, and any other officially sanctioned meetings as advised by the Executive Board. The Recording Secretary is responsible for Election Committee duties as stated in Article VIII - of these Bylaws

The Corresponding Secretary of the Association shall receive and validate applications for membership, respond to all inquiries, assemble and update the directory, and any other duties that usually pertain to this office.

The Treasurer of the Association is responsible for the preparation of an annual fiscal report, processing of dues, preparing regular financial reports for the Executive Board meetings, income tax reports, and other duties usually pertaining to this office.

The Past President shall be Chairperson of the Elections Committee and receive and tabulate nomination and election results.

The Members-at-large shall chair committees (Articulation, Exhibitors, etc.) and handle other assignments as directed by the Executive Board.

The Conference Director chairs the Conference Committee.

The In Vivo Editor shall be responsible for publishing and distributing MACUB’s publication and chair a Publications Committee if extant. Normally there should be at least two (2) issues per year.

The Awards Chair shall be chairperson of the Awards Committee and is responsible for the dissemination of information and selection of the awardees for various MACUB sponsored awards.

The Archivist shall be responsible for maintaining historical records for MACUB and serve as a historical reference source for the membership.

Article VI - Responsibilities of the Executive Board

The duties of the Executive Board shall be to determine the policies for the good of the Association in accordance with the Constitution, and to implement and conduct the execution of these policies as provided in these Bylaws. The Executive Board shall plan scientific meetings, authorize the expenditure of Association funds, and obtain an annual audit of the Association finances. As determined by the Board, the audit shall be done by a member of the Executive Board who is not a signatory on the Association accounts and/or by a professional auditor. The Executive Board shall fill any vacancy among the officers as specified in Article VIII. It shall appoint an Editor and shall be responsible for establishing and terminating ad hoc standing committees as necessary.

The Executive Board shall meet, at the call of the President, at least twice a year, once during or shortly after the Annual MACUB Conference at which the annual business meeting is scheduled, and once before the next such business meeting. At its first meeting it shall elect the Elections Committee and it shall fill any vacancy in the office of Editor. At the second or subsequent meeting, the Executive Board shall consider changes in the dues, amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, proposals for affiliation, and set the agenda for the annual business meeting.

The Executive Board shall have the power to conduct other business by means of a mail vote.

Five members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum. Any Board member with three (3) consecutive unexcused absences from Board meetings cannot be eligible for any Office the following year; excused absences are determined by the President.

Article VII - Duties of the Advisory Council

It shall be the duty of the Advisory Council members to keep the members of their biology department aware of the activities of the Executive Board and the Association. They will also be called upon by the chairperson of the Advisory Council for advice concerning policies and activities of the Association. Members of the Advisory Council shall be MACUB members in good standing, appointed or elected by their respective biology department. The Advisory Council shall recommend site locations for prospective main conferences and mini conferences to the Executive Board.

The Advisory Council representatives from each campus shall be responsible for distributing the directory survey, publicity for annual conferences, and for supplying updates from their department.

Article VIII - Elections and Terms of Officers and At-Large Members of the Executive Board
Nominations for offices to become vacant shall be made by the Elections Committee and the list of those nominated shall be sent to all members at least one month prior to the annual business meeting. The Elections Committee shall make nominations for the office of President and Vice President, and one nomination for each of the remaining offices. Nominations will also be received by petition. Each petition must be signed by five members and must contain a written statement by the nominee that s/he is willing to serve if elected. In order that the names of the persons so nominated may appear on the ballot, the petition must be received by the Recording Secretary at least six weeks before the annual business meeting. The final list of nominees arranged as a ballot shall be mailed to the members one month prior to the annual business meeting and the ballots returned to the Recording Secretary at least three days before the annual business meeting. The candidate for each office receiving the highest number of votes will be elected. In the case of a tie vote for an Officer, other than the President, the President shall cast the deciding vote. In the case of a tie vote for President, the Past-President shall cast the deciding vote. In the event that the immediate Past-President is not available to conduct elections, the Executive Board by a 2/3 majority vote may appoint a Chairperson.
The Conference Director for the current year shall be appointed by the host institution of the conference for that year.

The election of the four Executive Board Members-at-large shall follow the same alternating schedule as for the Officers; two Membersat-large shall be elected each year. The slate shall consist of at least two names each year. Additional nominees may be placed on the ballot by petition. The procedure is the same as for nominating Officers. Those receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected. The Members-atlarge of the Executive Board shall serve a two year term.

All Officers shall take office at the end of the annual business meeting. Interim vacancies on the Executive Board shall be filled by the Executive Board, except that of President. The Vice President will assume the duties of the President and an Interim Vice President appointed. In the event that there is no Vice President to advance, the Executive Board shall elect one of its number to serve as acting President until the completion of the next regular election.

Article IX - Standing Committees

A. Elections Committee
The Elections Committee shall consist of five members of the Association. The immediate Past President shall chair this Committee. At least two members of this Committee may not be members of the present Executive Board. It is the responsibility of the Elections Committee to prepare lists of nominees from the members, as described in Article VIII, with a view to securing wide representation on the Executive Board. The Elections Committee shall also ascertain the willingness of each nominee to serve if elected.

B. Articulation Committee
The Articulation Committee shall be chaired by one of the elected Members-at-large. The Committee shall meet to discuss, formulate policy, and document articulation policies that exist between 2 and 4 year colleges in the New York Metropolitan area.

C. Exhibitors Committee
The Exhibitors Committee shall be chaired by one of the elected Members-at-large and shall include present and past Conference Directors, and at least one exhibitor. The Committee shall survey, organize, and promote the soliciting of exhibitors for each annual conference. The Committee shall maintain an up-to-date record of each vendor, their participation activity in the yearly conferences, and any other relevant information.

Article X - Amendments to the Bylaws
Bylaws may be amended by 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Board.
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